Any form of construction has a variety of factors at play, leaving the process wide open to things possibly going wrong. It’s really crucial to know that there are a variety of options available to ensure construction can continue in suitable timeframes. One relatively new option is an ADR Board being brought into mediation to ensure there are industry representatives available to work alongside a mediator to work  through disputes in the most professional manner.

What is an ADR Board?

An ADR Board, is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Board made up of industry representatives, and a 3rd party mediator. This kind of approach to dispute resolution is new to helping you get industry knowledge and expertise involved in the process of mediation, ensuring you can keep things on-track and moving forward in the right direction. This allows specific industry perspective, and appropriate solutions to be sought.

It’s not uncommon for a building project to evolve or for managing companies to have to facilitate changes in teams and suppliers. But the sheer size of some of these projects can mean there is a lot of room for disputes to arise.

The goals of an ADR Board

The ADR Board is brought in to assist all parties, and give industry perspective to the parties and the mediator when required. This can allow for the construction contract to be kept on-point with regards to the aim of the project, whilst making sure that all parties are engaged with fairly with the resolution they are provided with.

Mediation vs Litigation

Construction disputes never happen at a good time. They can halt construction, or cause major delays in the project moving forward. Mediation in itself, or mediation as part of an ADR Board solution, can provide dispute resolution services within short times frames, allowing for construction to continue where possible, and save parties a lot of time and money by keeping the dispute out of court.

Let’s Resolve!